Message to Dr. Khalid Al Angari , Minister of Higher Education … send entrepreneurs to study

08 أبريل

November is recognized internationally as the month of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs . So, events associated abound in most countries of the world , this is why I found it very interesting and I wanted to write about this topic

First of all , I thank to the Ministry of Higher Education, represented by Dr. Khalid Al Angari for their efforts and achievements in outer scholarship program and continuous development of the field of higher education in general

It is well known that the scholarship program is one of the distinctive programs in the development of capabilities and skills of the sons and daughters of the nation in various fields

Based on Statistics issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, the number of scholarships has arrived at 150,000 in 9 previous years (where the scholarship program has been extended to additional years) is expected to reach the figure to 200,000 scholarship at least estimate

It is understood that a variety of fields of scholarship and distinctive allowed by the Ministry of Higher Education, which is as follows

Medical, dental, fellowship
Medical Sciences: medical laboratories, medical technology and physiotherapy
Health Sciences: Nutrition, records and files
Engineering: civil, architectural, electrical, mechanical, industrial, chemical, environmental, communications, machinery and heavy equipment
Computer: Computer Engineering, Computer Science, networks
Basic sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology
Other disciplines: law, accounting, e-commerce, finance, insurance and marketing

Of course , will graduate highly qualified in various fields and ready for the job market to get the opportunities ultimate action

But what if we were to encourage and motivate them to create jobs and setting up their establishments and also open the way for the scholarship in entrepreneurship field

Proposed Solutions 

Opening area of the scholarship in entrepreneurship field for new students , so that it is a priority and preference in scholarship for study bachelor , master and PhD

Stimulate students who had scholarship currently and who are in a country scholarship to obtain training courses in the field of entrepreneurship from the same universities so as to be supported by the Higher Education, returned courses lasting from one week to three months – often in each university has department for entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship and innovation or small and medium enterprises, offers short and long training courses and fellowship and also has business incubators and accelerators, are often these programs focus on practice more than theory , then student will able to do a business model and business plan and able to create a team and is able to convince investors his idea before coming to Saudi

Rewards for entrepreneurs : currently offering rewards for scholarship students from higher education for inventors, academic excellence, scientific publishing, the last year… etc

The launch of a website is about entrepreneurship scholarships and experiments of old students had startup , in order to have a reference for new students on scholarships and be a source of inspiration for all – In order to not be the target of the article just the diagnosis of the case and put all solutions , so in terms of entrepreneurship and leadership , welcome cooperation in its implementation and the formation of the team in the absence of the team is ready for implementation initiatives

Expectations and aspirations

Here we have a entrepreneurship graduate able to establish a project in the industrial field , services , commercial or agricultural
And Medicine graduate able to establish his own project either a clinic or hospital
And Computer Engineering graduate able to establish his own project either produce applications or hardware manufacturing
And Feeding graduate able to establish her own business either a health center or health Restaurant
And physics graduate able to establish her own business either an entertainment education or scientific education


If we assume 5% of the total students (had a scholarship) 200,000 were able to establish their own business, expect to have 10,000 entrepreneurs work in own business and if we assume that revenues in each of startup 500,000 SAR per year and if we assume startup will be creating jobs at an average two for each startup , it will be the impact explained below

There will be 10,000 entrepreneurs
There will be 10,000 startups – SMEs
Created 30,000 jobs
Total revenue will be 5 billion SAR , will be positive impact to economy and society in the country
Also expected annual growth and expansions in startups , that mean increase of revenue in the coming years and thus more jobs in the future
It is expected to be from these startups , high impact entrepreneurship have an average annual growth of 20% to 40% as a minimum and more jobs
In the coming years is expected to shift 100 startups to large companies , be ready for inclusion in the capital markets ( IPO ) and so that will increase the depth of the Saudi capital market and also there is a diversity of sources of income and investment for country and small investors

Experiences of students graduation from scholarships in entrepreneurship field 

In fact very proud of the experience of my friends and colleagues in the field of entrepreneurship and very proud of their knowledge, where they were formerly students on scholarships and currently they worked to establish their own business and they created jobs for them and for society (where some of them did not complete his second year and the number of employees is higher than 5 employees and they have ambitions and aspirations for expansion and growth ) such as

Essam Al Zamil , founder and CEO of Remal IT
Latifa Al Wallan , founder of Yatooq
Mazen Al Darrab , founder of eTree and Hrakat Production ( group of enterprises in the field of technology and media)
Yazeed Al Taweel , founder of RQMNH for e-commerce
Ibrahim Alzhimal , founder of OceanX
Bassam Al-Muhammadi , founder of radioactive element (group of enterprises in the field of technology and media)

I am confident that there are other successful experiences and I am confident that if activate the proposals , will increase the successful experiences


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